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Entreprenour History
Our inventor and founder of Bionicook started his first Bionicook prototype in August / 2014. The initial plan was just to make a deep change over his professional career and look for a new business project whose structure could be liable to national and international expansion. Several segments were analyzed at that time, but it was in the magical area of ​​food we realized the greatest potential for applying the concepts of management and creativity.
Then began a long journey of endless technical drawings, tests over, prototypes construction, failures and successes.  Initially the project was based on a traditional fast food, with regular human performance, but under a specially developed equipment in order to avoid human contact with food as much as possible.
Despite of the existing automation index already in use at the fast food market,  our founder realized that the biggest challenge of spreading the business quickly in a continental country like Brazil, and even more so, worldwide with countless different cultures having the human as the main center of a franchise's success, would be a much more difficult path than anticipated. As the competition is too strong and innovative business needs to be fast, we decided to create something different, competitive and based on consumer experiences beyond expectations.  Bionicook was born !
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